Academy Gaming Partner Program

Whether you have a community or you are a content creator, we are looking for interested individuals that want to keep their community of gamers active and always expanding. We came up with our Academy Gaming Partner Program to provide benefits to those fellow communities and content creators that help to keep the gamers entertained.

Meet Our Partners

Content Creators

academy gaming

Academy Gaming




Skalagrad is a skill-based matchmaking and stat tracking site for Mordhau. Their goal is to enable everyone in the Mordhau community, from the casual to the hardcore, to easily compete against players of similar skill levels and track their progress as they hone their skills.

Arcis Gaming

ARCIS is an ambitious, rapidly growing multi-gaming clan! They are centered around competitive gaming as well as a feeling of membership among their community.

Want your community Featured?

Contact our community leaders if you are interested in a partnership. There is a link to the Contact form at the bottom of the webpage.

Benefits For Our Partners

24/7 Private Bot Access

We host our own bots for a variety of different things and by partnering you are allowed access to those bots in your own discord.

Affiliate Links

Get a little back for every person that makes a purchase through your link. You get a little back and the person you refer gets a discount on their first month.

Livestream Featured

Streamers can get their streams featured on both our website and through our discord. We love helping new streamers grow their followers.

Partner Discounts

Get access to discounts on our gameserver and bot hosting. You can expand your community and cut costs on your hosting by switching to us.

Communities and Clans

We feature any communities or clans for certain games in our discord and website. This will feed new gamers into your community over time.

Global Gamer Network

Join a network of gamers on multiple consoles; We are not unique to any game and we aim to bring people together in a community without country borders.


We can accept a new youtuber or streamer, while not being open to some of the bigger content creators out there. Our requirements are not based on viewer activity alone, but on the personality or reputation that a person has.

We look for driven, passionate content creators hailing from any gaming background. Individuals should view putting out content not as just a job, but as a hobby that they truly enjoy. They should be professional and clean of any toxic behavior.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We only partner to help both our community and your followers/community to also grow. HOWEVER, We do offer discount deals on our communities hosting services for other communities that need quality gameserver or bot hosting.