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Academy Gaming


Our History

Academy Gaming was founded originally in 2019 with AssaultLine and a couple others as the original owners. The community and discord was re-created in early 2020 due to conflicting ideals with the other owners. With AssaultLine and MrTiMeOuT as the sole owners of the community we have gone back to our original ideals of a relaxed community for gamers of any nationality.

Our community has always been based on a clean, non-toxic environment where friends and players around the world can play and enjoy fun times with fellow gamers. We host some of the best quality dedicated servers to ensure our members and anyone that is playing within Academy servers a solid gameplay experience. We truly hope you enjoy playing in our servers and hanging out within our discord and website.

The Goals

- We want to build a brand that is recognized around the world as both a community and esports organizer on many games.

- We aim to provide some of the best possible gameserver and discord bot hosting to our partners and fellow gamers anywhere in the world.

- We want to begin organizing AG sponsored teams on games that have good competitive sides for large esports events/tournaments

Our goals for Academy Gaming are both simple yet ambitious, we aim to be one of the worlds largest international gaming communities. Without the motivation from our players and staff we would never have reached even this far.┬áBeing an “Academy Gamer” is both a lifestyle and a mindset that we should all strive for improvement in our lives and our abilities while gaming.

The Team

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