Academy Gaming

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Our Legacy

In 2019, Academy Gaming was born out of a collaboration between AssaultLine and a select group of gaming enthusiasts. However, by early 2020, in pursuit of maintaining our core values and vision, we underwent a transformation. AssaultLine and MrTiMeOuT took the helm, ensuring a steadfast commitment to our original ethos: a relaxed, inclusive community welcoming gamers from every corner of the globe.


Central to our community is a commitment to a respectful, non-toxic environment. This is where gaming enthusiasts can revel in camaraderie, share experiences, and engage in spirited gameplay. We pride ourselves on hosting top-tier dedicated servers, guaranteeing a seamless gaming experience. We invite you to revel in our offerings, from our servers to our vibrant Discord community and our comprehensive website.

Final Logo Transparent background 01
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Our Creed

Academy Gaming isn’t just about playing games; it’s about building a community that believes in the deeper values of gaming. Respect, sportsmanship, and collaboration form the pillars of our community. Gaming is more than a pastime; for us, it’s a way of life. Here, we endeavor to create a haven where gamers can connect, evolve, and champion these ideals.


Why Choose Academy Gaming?


Global Connection:

Engage with a diverse community of gamers, forming connections that transcend borders and screens.


Skill Enhancement:

From casual gaming sessions to fierce competitive bouts, our array of tournaments, workshops, and coaching opportunities promise growth.


Exclusive Access:

Unlock a wealth of content, from intricate gaming guides and tutorials to incisive reviews.


Solidarity in Gaming:

Built on the tenets of respect, sportsmanship, and collaboration, we’re more than just gamers; we’re a family.


Become a Part of Our Legacy

Dive into our dynamic world by joining our Discord:

Our Aspirations


Global Recognition:

Establish Academy Gaming as a global icon, revered both as a community hub and a formidable esports organizer.


Superior Hosting Services:

Offer unparalleled gameserver and Discord bot hosting services to our esteemed partners and the broader gaming community.


Esports Endeavors:

Spearhead and sponsor competitive teams, setting our sights on major esports events and tournaments.

At Academy Gaming, we’re not just playing the game; we’re changing it. Our dream is audacious, yet rooted in the hard work and dedication of our community. Being an ‘Academy Gamer’ is a commitment to excellence and perpetual growth, both on and off the screen. Join our ranks, and let’s redefine gaming, together.

The Team

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