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Academy Gaming on Destiny 2

Welcome, Guardians, to the Academy Gaming Destiny 2 Clan. Whether you’ve braved the darkest corners of the Dreaming City or just ignited your first Spark of Light, there’s a place for you among the stars with us

Why Join Our Destiny 2 Clan?

Guided Journeys

From the twisting corridors of the Shattered Throne to the expansive battlegrounds of Europa, our experienced Sherpas are here to guide you through Destiny 2's most challenging content.

Multi-Game Community

Beyond the Traveler's light, Academy Gaming has roots in various games. Joining our Destiny 2 branch connects you to a diverse gaming community.

Weekly Activities

Dive deep into Nightfalls, Raids, and Trials. Our clan ensures active participation in Destiny 2's weekly pinnacle activities.

Inclusive Environment

Every Guardian matters. We pride ourselves on creating a no-drama, discrimination-free zone where Guardians of all backgrounds are welcomed.

Strategies and Tutorials

Whether it's mastering a new subclass or optimizing DPS against raid bosses, our comprehensive guides and strategies are tailored to help all Guardians excel.

Exclusive Clan Events

From lore nights to build workshops, our clan offers unique events outside of Destiny 2’s regular activities.

How To Join?

Simply Join our Discord and request to join in the clan on Bungie’s Site

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