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What You Need to Set Up Before Your First Stream.

Stream Overlays: These can be a great way of setting yourself apart through customizations. There are both paid and free options available, each coming with its own perks and uniqueness. Though with paid options, you’ll typically have more access to a range of sequences that will follow the general theme.

Plugins: Whether you’re streaming on Twitch or another platform, there are numerous plugins available that’ll make your streaming life easier. You can integrate these plugins to engage with your audience, allow them to pull up information about the stream, redirect them to your other socials, or simply give them access to other perks.

Alerts: Most streaming platforms automatically alert your audience when you go live if they have their notifications turned on. While this is definitely great for your stream, it’s often delayed, and you’ll be competing against other streamers. Setting up external alerts with other tools or plugins to let people know your streaming might be good for you to experiment with.

These are just some aspects of your stream that you need to strongly look into before going live. We’d recommend having a plan in place and going over your strategies to make it a smooth viewing experience.

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