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VOX Odyssey | How to Play

Welcome to your first step into the wondrous world of VOX!

If you haven’t already, link your Discord account to your Gala Games account by going to Gala.Games. Be sure that your VOX appear in your Gala Games inventory — If they don’t show in your inventory, they won’t be usable in VOX Odyssey.

After linking your account, type /playodyssey in the vox-odyssey channel in Discord. When the bot responds, click on the button “Change VOX” to select the VOX that you wish to play with.

Your VOX will start off in the first zone: New York City. From there, you can check out locations that exist in or around NYC. Visiting new locations unlocks new tasks for your VOX.

After unlocking tasks, you can send your VOX on a task to gather resources, which will have greater use later.

When your VOX reaches Global Level 15, they can travel to other zones and see more of the world around them. New zones will unlock new locations, lore, and tasks.

That sums up the basics of how to play! For more details on each button/concept, check out the sections below!

This button will show what types of adventures are available for your VOX in their current zone. Adventures aren’t live yet, which is why the button is grayed out. More information on this coming soon!

This button shows you tasks you’ve unlocked in your VOX’s current zone! No tasks unlocked yet? Explore the locations around your VOX to unlock them! When you send your VOX on a task, they will continue working for a set period of time before returning with resources and experience. The lower your VOX’s global level, the more frequently they’ll return to you. As your VOX’s levels, they become more independent and will work for longer periods of time, meaning more resources for you! Your VOX will be unable to travel while completing tasks.

Each task uses a combination of different stats. For example, wood cutting uses both a VOX’s might and endurance. The higher your VOX’s might and endurance stats are the better your VOX will perform at wood cutting, resulting in higher quality resources.

Currently, metadata (i.e. class, held items, etc.) is not taken into account during tasks. That means that, for example, a lumberjack VOX will not have an advantage at wood cutting over a farmer VOX. That being said, this is being worked on and will be added into the game thoon!

Regardless of your stats, you will always receive the same amount of experience from performing a task… unless you happen to find or unlock an uncommon or rare task.

But that is a secret for another time!

This button will unlock when your VOX reaches Global Level 15 and allows your VOX to travel between zones. This travel takes time and can not be canceled once begun. While traveling, your VOX will be busy and will be unable to complete tasks while they are en route to their new destination.

This button shows you the places you can explore from your current zone in the world of VOX Odyssey. Each zone has a variety of locations. For now, all locations are available from anywhere within the same zone, but eventually, this will not be the case.

Your screen will also feature a “Talk” button if there are any NPCs in your VOX’s current location. For now, the “Talk” button will remain grayed out until the NPC update rolls out.

As you explore different locations, tasks will unlock and will be accessible through the Tasks button.

This button opens a menu where you can switch your active VOX. This allows you to play with multiple VOX simultaneously. It will also show you which of your VOX are busy and which of them are currently idle. Once you’ve selected the VOX you wish to interact with, click the “Main Menu” button to get back to playing!

Your VOX has two different kinds of stats: Global Level and individual stats. Your VOX’s Global Level will level up each time an individual stat levels up and will unlock different abilities as the game progresses. For example, traveling to other zones is unlocked when a VOX reaches Global Level 15.

There are six individual stats within VOX Odyssey: might, agility, endurance, smarts, swagger, and wit.

  • Might: Flex some voxel muscles by upping your VOX’s might and prove that your VOX has what it takes to take on whatever life may hurl at it!
  • Agility: How low can your VOX go?! Your VOX’s ability to limbo or do any other activities that require flexibility and dexterity are determined by your VOX’s agility!
  • Endurance: Endurance is your VOX’s ability to party all night long!
  • Smarts: Time to push up your glasses and hit the books! Smarts help your VOX to be the brainiest VOX of the bunch!
  • Wit: Whether it’s a dangerous cyclone heading your way or a delivery truck with free pizza, your VOX can sense it all with their intuitive wit!
  • Swagger: Who’s that VOX coming this way?! Increase your VOX’s cool factor, their likeability, and their chances of influencing the world around them by increasing their swagger!

Your VOX can level up each of these stats by performing tasks or going on adventures. The higher their level, the better they will perform in both tasks and adventures, increasing your VOX’s chance of getting some higher quality resources.

As mentioned above, your VOX’s levels stay with your VOX. Who will your VOX become in the world of VOX Odyssey and VOXverse? The possibilities are endless!

This button opens up your resource inventory. You can view your resources for the VOX you’re playing with by selecting “Current VOX” or all the resources you’ve collected from your entire posse of VOX by selecting “All VOX.”

Resources come in various types and rarities (qualities). So far, we have announced eleven resources publicly: wood, metal, food, stone, oil, gemstones, herbs, Golden Eggs, Dragon Scales, and Jars of Pickles. On your VOX Odyssey adventure, your VOX will most often find wood, metal, food, stone, and oil in the realm celebrating our first VOX series. Gemstones and herbs will not be able to be obtained through tasks in this realm and will only be available in the realms celebrating our second and third VOX series.

Golden Eggs, Dragon Scales, and Jars of Pickles are ancient tier resources and are extremely rare to come by. What do these resources do? You’ll have to find that out for yourself!

Each of the usual resources come in the following rarity types (in ascending order): common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The rarer the resource, the more it will allow you to create in both VOX Odyssey and VOXverse. Additionally, higher rarity resources will give you a higher reputation bonus when gifted to NPCs and will be needed for specific quests and events.

As your VOX levels up, they will have a higher chance to find more rare resources while performing tasks. That being said, you’ll typically find more common resources than any other types. In the future, your VOX will be able to unlock special refining tasks which will allow your VOX to refine resources into more rare resources for a time and resource cost.

Don’t feel like playing in a group channel? Clicking this button will create a thread where you can play VOX Odyssey “introvert style”!

Although you need a Soul to participate in the early access of VOX Odyssey, currently, having a Soul in your possession will not affect your VOX Odyssey experience. Our team is hard at work finalizing the process of wrapping (or binding) your Soul to your VOX. When this feature is out, having a Soul will give your VOX a bonus for gaining experience. What bonus and interactions your VOX will experience depends on what Soul they have.

Now that we’ve tackled what’s currently in VOX Odyssey, let’s talk about what’s upcoming! Here are some of the things we are prioritizing:

  • NPCs
  • Adventures (once released, new adventures will come out on a rolling basis)
  • Metadata buffs for tasks
  • VIP system (Name subject to change)
  • Mirandus Realm
  • Events

We have so many other surprises in the works for you all, but for the moment, this is all we can share. We’re excited to see VOX Odyssey grow and evolve with your input and engagement.

Zone: A zone is a larger city or area that your VOX can visit in VOX Odyssey. Each zone is made up of various locations. Some examples of zones are New York City and Seoul.

Location: A location is a smaller area within a zone that a VOX can visit. For example, Times Square is a location within the greater zone of New York City.

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