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VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo – Showmatch Teams and New Agent 22 Reveal

The LOCK//IN São Paulo Showmatch will be a short, yet not to miss event featuring teams led by two major content creators. On top of an exciting showmatch, we get to see a brand new Valorant Agent reveal and showcased in live play.

Source: Valorant Esports

VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch Lineups and & Captains

With the event being hosted in Brazil, it is no surprise they have managed to secure FRTTT to captain one of the teams. He’s one of the most prolific faces in the region’s Valorant content space.

Opposing him, is one of the best Valorant streamers globally, Tarik. While the announcement of Tarik’s involvement was a surprise to many, it also fits with his persona of always chasing content to entertain his fans.

Both captains are responsible for forming their own teams, however, neither have fully locked in their lineup. However being a short best of one for fun show match, rosters will very likely comprise of other streamers to draw more eyes to the event.

Tarik vs FRITT Roster Line-ups

The showmatch is expected to start on March 4, 9:00 PT. Viewers through Twitch and Youtube will also receive a special drop, the VCT LOCK//IN Dad Hat Gun Buddy.

Team Tarik

  1. tarik(Sentinels)
  2. mimi (G2 Gozen)
  3. Paula (FURIA)
  4. SirMaza (Heretics)
  5. TBD

Team Fritt

  1. FRITTT (Team Liquid)
  2. SkRossi (Global Esports)
  3. vela
  4. pANcada (Sentinels)
  5. TBD

New agent reveal during LOCK//IN Showmatch

It has been confirmed that Valorant’s Agent 22 will be featured for the first time in the San Paulo showmatch, prior to the start of the VCT LOCK//IN grand final. It is expected the new agent will be played by the team captains themselves, Tarik and FRTTT.

While nothing has been officially confirmed regarding Agent 22, leaks have emerged we will once again be receiving another Initator, named Gekko. This leak comes as a surprise considering Riot had released Fade (controller) less than a year ago in mid 2022.

Unfortunately unlike previous agents, no data mined descriptions or clips of Gekko’s abilities have been leaked, so you’ll have to watch the show match to find out.

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