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TwitchStats Review: Should you use it?

With the abundance of tools on the market, it can be confusing to pick one that covers everything you need. Today, we’ll be going over an analytics tool called TwitchStats, and whether you should use it for your streams. is a website that provides statistics on twitch channels (we know, it’s self-explanatory 4Head). The site provides all the basic information about a Twitch channel, such as the viewer count, viewer engagement, and streaming schedules. It’s one of the most comprehensive tools out there and offers a ranking system that shows the most popular streamers by different categories. You can view how your favorite streamer ranks among other streamers in terms of time streamed, average views, and total views, among other categories.

The website also offers advanced statistics but is only open to members. It costs about $10 a year, so it’s an affordable tool that you can consider if you’re taking streaming seriously. Some of the advanced statistics include Cheer tracking, which tracks the daily cheer earnings of streamers, and you’ll better understand where you stand compared to accounts similar to your size. They also have another feature called Real Sub count, which tracks the live subscriber count of popular streamers. This data can be great for new streamers as it gives them an estimation of how much they would potentially earn since it tracks the revenue from subs and different tiers.

If you want to take a data-driven approach to your streaming career, consider trying TwitchStats out. Given its affordable price tag, we can certainly recommend it.

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