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Top 10 Best League of Legends Pro Players of All Time

Here are the 10 best League of Legends players of all time. With the game reaching 15 years of existence soon, which are the ones that will go down in history?

Image Credits | Riot Games

The Top 10 Best LoL Pro Players of All Time

10. Deft | DAMWON KIA – hard work pays off

The first name on our list is the most recent world champion ADC “Deft”. Always considered a strong ADC player and one of the best-performing players in the teams he played in, he was never able to make great international results.

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Image Credits | Riot Games

This was until he and DRX made the greatest cinderella run in esports history. With him playing consistently well and being the backbone of the team, Deft was able to break his record and win Worlds 2022. After 10 years of unsuccessful tries, Deft managed to make his dream a reality against the legendary T1, and his long rival Faker, who debuted around the same time as Deft.

There might be a bit of recency bias, but Deft always delivered when the time called. If he wants to stay on the list, though, he will have to prove his worth this year on DWG Kia again.

9. BeryL | DRX – the best support in the world

The ninth place on the list is taken by Deft’s former teammate BeryL. While DRX is not doing great right now, why wouldn’t he be one of the best League players in the world?

He’s a two-time world champion that did it on two different organizations, and he has made it to the League of Legends World Championship finals three years in a row. He might not be your flashy guy that outplays everyone, but he’s so smart and innovative, especially considering he rarely puts effort into grinding League as many other professional players. He might not be doing great now, but BeryL definitely earned himself a spot on this list.

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8. Rookie | Top Esports – one of the most consistent League players

Rookie and IG’s victory at Worlds 2018 had a big meaning for the League of Legends. Not only did it stop Korea’s long dominance at international tournaments, but it also started the period of Chinese dominance.

Rookie was so strong that year that he dismantled everyone, crushing teams left and right. While he has struggled to make it to Worlds later on, he continues to be one of the strongest and most consistent mid laners in the world. Now that he’s on Top Esports, there are high chances we get to see him back to where he belongs.

7. Showmaker | DAMWON Kia – Faker’s challenger

Speaking of mid laners, we must also talk about Showmaker. The Korean mid laner has gone a bit under the radar in the last two years, but he was a dominant force when DK was conquering the world. At that time, everyone thought he would be the one with the highest chance of dethroning Faker. Unfortunately for Showmaker, the recent results haven’t been as positive.

Regardless, Showmaker remains one of the best mid laners and League players in the world, and you can be sure he will be always ready to fight this year as well.

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6. Ruler | JDG Gaming – one of the best ADC players in League

Ever since Ruler started playing competitive League of Legends, he was one of the best players on any team he went to. He went from Challengers Korea to the Worlds finals in less than a year, and then beat Faker the following year to become World champion.

Image Credits | JD Gaming

While that was the only international tournament Ruler won, the Korean ADC spent his entire career in the first top half of the LCK (except for the 2019 season). Last year, he was able to win his first-ever LCK split and made two consecutive top-four finishes at Worlds.

Now that he’s on JDG Gaming, Ruler is hoping to finally lift the trophy again in 2023.

5. Uzi | Retired – the Chinese GOAT

World championships are important but when someone makes this list without them, then it means he’s the real deal and someone really special. Uzi is one of those players.

The Chinese ADC player was the only one that was considered on par with Faker in the first era of League of Legends, and he was the greatest marksman in the world at the time.

Despite only winning one international tournament (2018 MSI), Uzi was always dominating in the bottom lane against any team, and then hard-carrying in the right moments. It’s just a pity that he stopped playing competitively due to serious health problems, which saw him retire in 2020 and then again this year, after an extremely short stint on BLG.

4. Caps | G2 Esports – Europe’s only hope

Among all the great players in the top 10 list, Caps is the only European player to have made it. Now that he has a total of 8 LEC titles under his belt, there is no question that he’s the greatest player EU has ever produced, and one of the best League players in the world.

Whenever a European team makes it far into an international tournament, you can be pretty sure Caps will be on that roster. When Fnatic and G2 were considered top-tier teams and potential contenders, Caps was smurfing in the mid lane.

With G2 looking strong after having won the LEC Winter Split and locking their spot at MSI, EU fans will have to hope G2 can fight it out on the international stage.

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3. TheShy | Weibo Gaming – the most dominant top laner in history

There is always a king in every single role in League of Legends, and TheShy is the king of the top lane. Known for being super aggressive in the past, the Korean top laner has learned to be more conservative in given situations. While it may look like a bad thing, having more composure allowed TheShy to ascend another tier in legendary status.

Image Credits | Twitter @LOLWBG

No matter what he plays or what he does, he will always be a constant presence in any match, in any series. After a somewhat disappointing season last year, he now has world-class players like Xiaohu and Karsa on his team. With their help, TheShy is hoping to claim another world title, after the legendary run back in 2018.

2. Canyon | DAMWON KIA – Best jungle player in the world

We covered the best top laner, best ADC, and best support. Now, it’s time to talk about the best jungler in the world: Canyon. While he may not be the most successful jungle player when it comes to results, the value he brought to DWG Kia is immense, and way above anyone else.

Ever since he joined the team, he was one of, if not, the best player on the roster. He single-handedly carried the team to Worlds last year, and he delighted us with some of the most memorable games in League history, including Game 5 against Gen.G at the 2022 Worlds Quarterfinals. Even though Canyon hasn’t won a title since 2020, he continues to be the no. 1 jungler to beat. Will he claim his second title this year? It’s not going to be an easy job, considering how dominant T1 is…

1. Faker | T1 – The undisputed GOAT

Speaking of T1, who else did you expect in the no. 1 spot of this list? It can’t be anyone but Faker. Results aside, there isn’t a pro that even comes close to him, especially when we refer to being at the pinnacle of professional League of Legends.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Despite Faker being 26 years old, he continues to be a top-tier mid laner. Not only does he bring great mechanics but he also brings great leadership and most importantly, experience. In a team full of young talents like T1 has right now, he’s the perfect person to fit the role and guide the team to success.

It’s unfortunate that fans couldn’t see Faker lift the trophy last year, but considering how T1 is playing currently, there are serious chances we might see it happen in 2023.

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