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The Walking Dead: Empires Summer Extravaganza!

Join us for a can’t miss Summer event with The Walking Dead: Empires

Summer is nearing an end, but the fun isn’t over yet. The Walking Dead: Empires team has been busily building our survival MMORPG and are ready to share a piece of it with you. We are thrilled to announce that a pre-alpha demo will be available to play starting August 30th at 12pm Pacific!

For the uninitiated, The Walking Dead: Empires is an MMORPG set in the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. If you would like to learn more about our project please head over to our website, Until then, we encourage you to read on to learn more about the upcoming demo.

It is important to note that the gameplay elements experienced in the upcoming pre-alpha demo are not final, nor are they fully inclusive of our vision. We are grateful for the opportunity to test our tech and provide this advanced look.

Should difficulties be encountered, we may be required to perform server maintenance, potentially limiting access to the game or resulting in a loss of progress. Though we do not anticipate this, we just want to be transparent and make sure players are aware it’s a possibility.

Once the demo has ended, our team will analyze performance and stability. We believe it will be useful as we continue development. We can’t wait for you to play!

For 48 hours you and your friends will get your first small taste of the perilous world our team has been meticulously building. The art team has worked tirelessly to bring a vibrant, yet gritty world to life that captures the beauty and terror of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

We are excited for everyone to have the opportunity to explore a vast world the size of what will be nine Ancient Plots in the full game. For those who attended Galaverse (only two months ago!) and played that demo, this slice is nine times larger! There will be much to explore and, for fans of TWD, a notable landmark crawling with ravenous walkers.

We have also been focusing on combat improvements. The team has made many revisions to our current arsenal of weapons (only a fraction of what is planned for launch), bringing a more strategic and balanced feel to slaying walkers. A keen survivor will identify the strengths of each weapon and be sure to equip the right tools for the job before adventuring into the unknown.

In addition to these highlights, we have been expanding and improving many aspects of the game. We can’t wait for you to play and experience it for yourself. Keep an eye out for more details to be released soon, including where you can find the demo, and the system requirements for playing it. The demo starts on August 30th at 12pm PT and ends at 12pm PT on September 1st.

In addition to checking out the pre-alpha demo, you will soon also have a chance to claim an Arsenal crafting station.The Arsenal crafting station will be placed in-game and allow players to craft ranged weapons. A powerful asset, this crafting station could open the door to an invitation to a mighty empire, or present its owner with a unique opportunity to be the gatekeeper to highly prized weaponry.

This upcoming NFT release will coincide with the demo and is likely to make a lot of noise. What’s more, the Arsenal will be initially priced at 50% off!

If the anticipation for the demo is simply too much to bear, you can get a sneak peek days before launch. We are teaming up with some of our favorite streamers and giving them first crack at the demo! Specifics for who will be streaming and when are coming soon.

Another informative AMA is also on the horizon. Currently scheduled for August 31st, some of the TWDE team will be live and ready to answer your questions. Excitement should be high as this AMA will take place right in the middle of the demo period.

If you are wondering how to best stay up-to-date on the latest TWDE news, we encourage you to join our Gala Games Discord and check out our TWDE channels:

We also invite you to visit our website to learn more!

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