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The Rock Skin in Fortnite – When Is it Coming Back?

The Rock Fortnite skin coming to the game was one of the biggest moments for the Battle Royale! Beyond just being another skin, the character was central to a whole event that ended a Chapter in Fortnite.

In the next chapter, the Dwayne Johnson Fortnite representation stuck around with a statue of him taking pride of place on the map. What exactly was Fortnite the Rock’s skin though and will it ever come back to Fortnite?

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What is the Rock Fortnite Skin?

The Rock is one of the most recognizable faces in entertainment. He’s been a wrestler, an actor, and now a skin in Fortnite. The actor lent his likeness to an original character in the game, The Foundation. This was one of the Fortnite leaked skins players were looking forward to for quite a while before it popped up.

After leading players on a whole mission in a cinematic event, the Rock Fortnite skin was a big part of the game. He was a boss character on the map, along with being in the Battle Pass. You didn’t have to be one of the best Fortnite players to unlock it, the skin was mid-tier and had a few variations. There was even a large statue that towered over every other POI.

Will it Be Back?

The Dwayne Johnson Fortnite skin was featured in Chapter 3, in the Battle Pass. If you didn’t play the Battle Pass that season, you’ve missed it. Will there be another chance at Fortnite the Rock skin for players? The original version won’t be. There is a possibility for another Rock Fortnite skin

While Battle Pass skins don’t come back, variations can. Redone versions of other major characters in Fortnite lore have hit the item shop. A good example is Midas, who similarly headed up a faction of NPCs just like the Rock’s character does. He’s made a return as a new skin, in the form of a zombie, a gender-swapped version, and even as one of the Fortnite anime skins. The Rock Fortnite skin could make a return in a new form similar to Midas’ reappearances.

Since this is a licensed skin though, it’s a bit more complicated. These inclusions are often a one-off deal. If the Foundation doesn’t make a comeback, then only players active in Chapter 3 Season 1 will have this skin in their accounts. Unless epic makes a fresh deal to bring the character back, that might be all we see of Dwayne Johnson in Fortnite.

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