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Superior Character Spotlight: Murmur

Today we take a look into another Character in Superior. Rarely seen, but always deadly — Murmur!

Good evening and happy hunting! You’re listening to Bent Horizon Radio broadcasting from our undisclosed location to bring you the latest on the fight against these self righteous superhumans.

Today we’re shining some light on a vigilante who has been making a serious name for herself from the shadows. We’ve profiled some of the most deadly hunters out there on this program before, but today we feature a superhero slayer that has an entirely different MO than either the smash and slash Ronin or the cold, calculating Nomad.

Today, we’re looking at a hunter who’s somewhere between illusion and legend. We’re bringing you an absolutely exclusive look at the elusive Murmur!

Murmur is a genius mechanic– she knows it too. Other hero hunters who fight alongside her soon learn that any overconfidence she has is well earned. She’s not the egghead who is hiding from the fray. Despite a crippling spinal injury, she re-purposed abandoned industrial tech to create her own mechanical legs that allow her to run and gun with the best of them. She’s always finding ways to leverage her brilliance to enhance her killing chops.

Murmur’s skills begin with the core Overdrive ability shared by all Tricksters: Fade Away. Using this ability, she can disappear mid-combat and unleash hell on unaware superheroes. Her signature skills rely on misdirection through her proprietary, high-tech holograms or taking advantage of her quick reactions to tip the scales in her favor for a firefight.

Check out Murmur’s “After Image” ability in action!

As her skills grow, Murmur can make more use of her advanced tech– refining holograms to appear in greater numbers or even take an active part in the fight by utilizing her weapons or powers.

To complement her technological prowess, many of her skills let her navigate the battlefield much more efficiently and deal devastating blows on unsuspecting abominations. Using Fade Away and enhanced movement abilities, she can easily get a nice vantage point to laugh at scraps while they take the hologram bait and walk into certain death.

In the hands of a clever player, Murmur excels as the Trickster archetype in a group of hunters. Her mad scientist toolbox expands rapidly as she levels up, offering a multitude of ways to do her part ending the reign of the superheroes.

Murmur strikes out of nowhere, and the superheroes never seem to realize what’s coming for them. Everyone would do well to learn from this lesson, as there may be big news hiding just around the corner…

Your first chance to get your hands on Murmur Prime and Nomad Prime is coming soon. This week, these Characters will be available for the first time ever in the Gala Games Store!

You’ll also get the chance in the next few days to sit down and learn more about the game from the devs themselves. The Drifter team will be heading over to the Gala Games YouTube channel for an AMA livestream. Stay tuned the next few days as we bring you more details on both the sale and AMA.

That’s all for us today at Bent Horizon Radio. Like Murmur, we’re going to go ahead and fade away for now, but we’ll be back tomorrow with more of the latest details and intel about how you can help bring down the superhero menace!

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