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Superior | August AMA Recap

Catch up on the biggest news from the recent AMA with the Drifter team!

Yesterday the Drifter team sat down to answer all your questions about Superior. During the hour-long conversation, the developers discussed tons of details about launch, the upcoming alpha test in September and the future of Superior in general.

Below we’ve tried to summarize the biggest news from the AMA, but there’s a lot more than we could cover in just a short article. Check out the full video below if you missed it and want to hear about the game directly from the developers.

The alpha playtest coming in September was obviously in the forefront of the developers’ minds. They gave us some hints about what new content may be seen when players can get inside Superior in September, but also talked about the possibilities beyond the playtest and through a full launch.

When the alpha playtest begins, players of previous playtests will find a lot more features and fine tuning than they may have seen previously. There are new skills and powers, and many of the powers that players have seen have had major graphics improvements and balance tweaking.

The developers said that it’s likely we’ll see some level of cosmetic customization during the playtest, though it will be just a small part of what will be in the complete game. While the feature will still require some rounding out in the alpha, the devs were particularly excited to announce a Leaderboard system that will allow players to challenge themselves to see who can get the best run!

Leaderboards will pit players against each other in special challenge runs. The game’s play and earn component at launch will revolve around these competitions. In these challenges, players will get better loot and increased experience, so they’re worth a try even if you don’t top the Leaderboard every day.

Access to these leaderboards will be gated by challenge keys that can be obtained from the main game. This means that each run through the challenge will have stakes… you won’t be able to just respawn infinitely until you get a good start.

“In our very earliest playtests, the community on Discord instantly started doing speedruns and competing with each other.”

-Brian Murphy, Drifter

Leaderboards won’t just be speedruns. Drifter is balancing the scoring for the challenges around not only time spent on missions, but also total kills. This makes players make real choices about efficiency to be competitive, instead of mindlessly grinding towards the exit.

The first version of Leaderboard competition will be single player only and won’t offer any potential rewards. This is mostly to test out the experience and get balance ironed out. After a bit of testing, the devs hope to add co-op support and rewards for winners into the Leaderboard system.

The community was eager to know what kind of NFTs the game might have in addition to Characters. The developers were keen to know what the community may like to see as an NFT, but they also seemed to have plenty of ideas on their own.

Accessories, weapons, cosmetics, skins, etc are all possible options for collectibles in game. We know Gala Gold members already had Gold Plasma Rifle Skins land in their wallets in April.

“If you look at the different types of content in the game, there’s lots of potential. I think right now we’re just focus on making sure Characters are really solid and that they have meaningful value in the game and all that, then we can expand”

-Ray Davis, Drifter

Without being too committal, the devs also discussed the possibility of interoperability with NFTs from other ecosystems. Obviously release comes first, but the team seemed really intrigued to dig in and find new ways to utilize Web3 technology within the game.

“NFTs are these cool things that we haven’t really figured out all the interesting things we can do with them yet. That’s one thing I’m personally excited to see us do, getting past this initial launch, starting to experiment more and more.”

-Ray Davis, Drifter

Players without an NFT Character will still be able to play Superior. The Drifter team wants everyone to be able to enjoy the game, whether they’re already in the Web3 world or not. Free to play players will get the full Superior experience — leveling up characters, collecting loot, and stomping super humans. There are some features, however, that are made possible through blockchain that only NFT owners will have access to.

“We want to be growing and expanding all the different ways that players can engage however they want to, or however they feel comfortable engaging with the game”
-Brian Murphy, Drifter

NFT Characters have a higher starting level cap, and have access to additional team oriented skills in their skill tree based on their rarity. NFT Characters start with a higher level cap and get experience multipliers, making their grind to high level a little easier.

All Characters have a level cap based on their rarity, but that level cap can be raised with the Infamy system. Gaining Infamy raises your level cap, but resets your skills to a slightly higher level than they were at the very beginning. While any Character in Superior can become Infamous, an NFT Character’s Infamy points (and increased level cap) stay with that NFT Character permanently, even if you transfer or trade it.

Speaking of Prime Characters, right after the end of the AMA, we kicked off our second Character sale for Superior. The developers took some time to share a little bit about the inspiration behind the new Characters.

“The plan for the design of the game is to continue to add new Characters to the story”

-Brian Murphy, Drifter

Nomad is the first Sharpshooter archetype in Superior, but the team wanted to create something that wasn’t just the standard sniper you see in every game. Thus, the idea of lasers raining down on your enemies from orbit felt like a fresh and suitably extreme way to fight the rather extreme enemies you meet in the game.

Murmur’s inspiration comes from the idea of the rogue character in traditional RPGs. She’s nimble, sneaky and a little bit of a glass cannon. She may have to use hit and run tactics, but like classic rogues, she can deal out tons of destruction if used properly.

Both of the above Characters are still available in the Gala Games Store!

The team seemed to shoot down the idea that players would be able to play as superheroes themselves any time soon, saying that the “gutter to godhood” experience of building your own superpowers is critical to the story at this moment.

Drifter did confirm, however, that nothing is totally off the table with new Characters. The plan is to continue to add new Characters with distinct strengths to build both the story and experience over time.

The team talked about a new line of superpowers that will be playable for the first time during the alpha playtest.

“It’s kind of a mix of Mr. Fantastic and Venom. You basically are pairing with a shapeshifting alien who can wrap around you and turn you into a motorcycle, or a spiky bouncy ball, or you can summon gigantic slappy hands and turn everybody into blood and guts.”

-Brain Murphy, Drifter

The Xeno superpower line gives you powerful transform powers and also generates little alien Xenos that hover over your head, shooting along with you at your opponents. Using Xeno powers, you can morph into incredibly destructive shapes and generally cause some extra chaotic carnage.

The team refused to talk about the story behind where these Xeno powers come from, but they said there are some breadcrumbs hidden in the story. They are too excited about watching how players’ understanding of Xeno’s origins develops to spoil anything just now

Game Nodes for Superior were briefly discussed early in the AMA. There’s little information out there on this so far, and the devs confirmed that there is no roadmap or firm plans able to be released just yet.

They did, however, shed some light on their plans regarding how Nodes may fit into Superior. Inspired by the idea of classic games with custom servers, the team would love to have Nodes be able to run private versions of the game. This opens up the idea of custom runs — potentially with special rules, twists and gameplay controlled by the Node operator.

Frankly, the Drifter team talked about a lot of possibilities for the future, which is why we’d still recommend watching the AMA even if you read this far. Without confirming too much or getting too far ahead of themselves, they discussed that Superior isn’t going to be a launch and drop game. They’re here to continue developing and supporting the game’s growth into the future.

A lot of questions by the community talked about future game features — we’ve already discussed some of their ideas for NFTs above. One community member asked about team vs team PvP, and the Drifter team actually said that they’re excited to get these kinds of alternate game modes out after the core game is on solid ground.

“Let’s get our co-op feet under us and make sure everything’s working as intended, then we can talk about new game modes.”

-Ray Davis, Drifter

That’s a lot of exciting things ahead, but it’s tough to look past the excitement of an imminent playtest and the full launch of Superior! There’s definitely a lot going on at Drifter right now, and we’ll probably hear a lot from their team as we barrel ahead towards launch.

Superior is headed to PAX the first weekend in September! Keep up to date with the latest coming out about the game during the convention, as well as any upcoming info about the alpha playtest and launch right here or on Discord. Don’t forget to check out the Nomad and Murmur Prime in the store before it’s too late!

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