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Streaming Ideas: Food Review (IRL)

Whether you want to try out a new restaurant in town or explore the foods from different cultures, food reviews can be a great way to spice things up (both figuratively and literally). It can be a fun and spontaneous activity that requires a little less planning, keeping even you on your toes! The best part about having a food review segment is that it’s casual and is great for driving engagement. Most viewers will be watching from the comfort of their homes, so taking them with you on these food trips will help build an additional layer of intimacy they might not get from other streamers.

Now, a food review segment doesn’t have to be expensive. You can try out dishes from your local restaurant and even food from your local grocery stores! You may even be saving some money since you’re getting a meal and are generating content from it.

The takeaways today are food reviews can make a great addition to your stream. Take your audience out with you and keep them engaged by asking for future ideas on where you should eat next.

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