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Streamer Branding Psychology: Pokimane

Platforms: Pokimane started on Twitch while studying Chemical Engineering at McMaster University in Ontario. During this time, she managed to amass around 300k followers and ultimately decided to drop out of college to pursue streaming full-time in 2016. This decision definitely paid off as she started seeing exponential growth and had doubled her follower count by the start of 2018. While we’re not advising anyone to make a drastic life decision like this, we certainly felt that it was an important point to highlight as she streamed close to 12 hours a day when she did pursue streaming full-time.

Colors: As you can expect, Pokimane uses a mix of purple and pink for her brand colors. This is an incredibly intuitive design as it meshes extremely well with Twitch’s brand colors.

The takeaways here are to ensure you’re putting in the effort to optimize different parts of your stream. Slow and stable growth and making sure you’re enjoying the process should be the most important aspect of your streaming journey.

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