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Streamer Branding Psychology : Jankos

Platforms: Jankos started playing professional LoL in 2013 for Team Mistral. He bounced around on a few less notable teams until he got his big break when G2 Esports decided to pick him up in 2017. His most commendable achievement since then is the 2nd place finish at Worlds back in 2019. He’s also gotten three separate 3rd-4th place finishes at Worlds, making him one of the highest-paid LoL players. That said, streaming for him wasn’t done out of necessity and was more toward showcasing his dominance in-game. As of this writing, he has a concurrent viewership of about 10k viewers.

Colors: The colors Jankos uses are unsurprisingly his team colors. His brand and overall tone of his channel use black, grey, and red. This color scheme gives off a sophisticated look and mainly caters to a male audience.

The takeaways are to ensure you don’t take your viewer count too seriously, especially when you’re first starting. Jankos didn’t get his big break until a well-respected team picked him up. He mainly streamed for fun and did so out of his enjoyment. Your streaming journey isn’t a sprint, so stay hydrated for the marathon.

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