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Streamer Branding Psychology : DrLupo

Platforms: While his rose to fame came on Twitch, he often streamed to other platforms such as YouTube. In fact, as of this writing, he’s signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube Gaming (which ultimately led to him losing his verified badge on Twitch). On YouTube, he’s still streaming popular titles like Fortnite but often hosts charitable streams for notable charities like the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. It really does highlight the empathetic side of DrLupo’s personality and why he’s so likable.

Colors: DrLupo’s brand colors consists of a gradient of colors (pink to purple) or more popularly known as a ‘Fade.’ His logo is a recognizable ‘D’ that’s split in half and cleverly denotes his name DrLupo. Everything about his brand is clean and often has a double meaning.

The takeaways here are to always make decisions based on what fits your circumstances best. If moving over to another platform makes sense, then you should definitely consider it. We’d recommend focusing on a platform that you see more success on, as you’ll want to capitalize on the ‘snowball’ effect.

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