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Stream Decks: Does Every Streamer Need One?

Now that you know what a stream deck is, the question becomes if you should invest in one. One of the most popular stream decks on the market is the Elgato Stream Deck, which is priced at around $120. While this amount may be negligible if you’re a larger streamer, it can be a costly piece of kit for smaller streamers on a budget. Ultimately, whether or not you should invest in a stream deck depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. Nearly all large streamers have a stream deck or something similar. While you can get by just fine without one, it certainly makes everything a lot more convenient and increases the overall production quality of your streams.

If you’re a smaller streamer just getting started, we’d recommend that you prioritize getting familiar with your streaming software and improving your sequences before investing in a stream deck. You can always choose to get it once you’ve built up a stable following and are ready to commit to streaming long-term.

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