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“Our goal is becoming a top European org” – Introducing NOVO Esports

A new reality is emerging: NOVO Esports. Born in 2022, NOVO is ready to take over the Italy and move onto the international stage.

Image Credits | Novo Esports

NOVO Esports – “It’s more than a team”

The Italian esports scene is on the rise, with new organizations and teams that are trying to conquer Italy and become the national representative on international soil. NOVO is one of the teams sharing this ambition, but their goals do not stop there.

“NOVO is not just an esports team,” says Emanuele Acerbis, the CEO of NOVO Esports. “Our focus is creating a new, all-round reality that leads in the esports space. We are not here just to compete in the national competitions: NOVO is putting all its efforts and resources to create and manage a media house aimed at creating high-quality content that allows the sector to attract attention and become a bridge for its partners.” 

novo esports team

NOVO will be competing in Valorant, League of Legends, and Rocket League – Image Credits | Novo Esports

The organization is looking to organize online and offline events like watch parties and community nights to draw the enthusiasts closer, while also planning educational projects with schools and universities, with the goal of training the new generation of esports talents. On top of that, NOVO is working on an innovative strategy that uses traditional web and web 3.0 to foster the growth of the esports industry. “This is just the beginning, we have so much more in store…” says Emanuele. 

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NOVO – goals and key strengths

I sat down with both Emanuele and Francesco Alacca (NOVO’s COO), talking about their priorities and goals, as well as the expectations set for the upcoming years.

Francesco said: “Our goals and expectations are quite high. We are ready to invest and impose ourselves as a leading esports organization in the Italian competitive scene, with the likes of Dsyre, Exeed, Reply Totem, Qlash, and Mkers. That, however, is just a milestone for us: NOVO is aiming to reach the European stages by 2025, and go well beyond that in the long run.”

The two founders are looking to combine their knowledge and experience to turn NOVO into an outstanding reality. “We are certain that the mix of vertical skills from Francesco within esports, and my know-how in business and marketing, will create a great added value for NOVO. Our goal is to be an inspiration for upcoming organizations that wish to thrive in esports, spurring the growth and development of the sector.”

Emanuele continued: “We heavily believe that esports has great potential in Italy. The industry offers an incredible mix of technology, competition, and entertainment that no other industry can achieve to the same degree. It’s not a surprise to see its exponential growth over the last years and that we will continue witnessing in the near future: the forecasted CAGR on revenue between 2022-2025 is 61%. This is because there is an increasing number of companies and realities that want to be part of this cutting-edge, dynamic, and innovative phenomenon, which has the highest potential of reaching its key target: the Gen. Z.”

If you want to know more about NOVO Esports and their journey into the esports world, check out their Twitter, Instagram, and official Twitch channel.

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