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Optimizing Your Stream Titles

How do you change your stream title on Twitch and StreamLabs? On Twitch, you’ll first have to access your Creator Dashboard under your profile. You should see a stream manager tab where you can change information about your stream. It should be pretty straightforward once you see the ‘title’ tab. If you’re using software like StreamLabs, you should look for the icon on the top left area of your chatbox where it should say, “edit your stream title and description.”

Most seasoned streamers will change their stream title to reflect whatever they’re doing at the time. If you’re multilingual, you can even use it to highlight the languages you’re using in your stream. As you grow more accustomed to streaming, changing your stream title will become second nature, and it’ll be something you’ll regularly do.

The takeaways here are if you’re new to streaming, you’ll want to make sure you experiment with different titles whenever you go live. Try and pick titles that help your channel stand out, and you’ll eventually get a better feel for what attracts more viewers.

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