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Murmur and Nomad Prime Sale

Get all the details for tomorrow’s Murmur Prime and Nomad Prime sale and developer AMA!

Hello, and welcome back to Bent Horizon Radio! We told you we’d be back with the latest scoop on how you can get in on the fight against these twisted superhumans, and we’re not about to disappoint.

This Wednesday will begin our second Prime Character sale. Back in March, players first had a chance to own a Prime Character during our Ronin Prime sale. This time, we’re bringing you two more key parts of a balanced team of superhero hunters– Nomad and Murmur!

Throughout Superior your NFT Character will gain experience and new skills as they fight their way through missions. As your level grows, you’ll be able to start runs with more powerful abilities. The higher your level, the more your path on the skill tree lets you define your own combat capabilities and style.

While you may lose your superpowers and upgrades at the end of a run, your skills and experience are part of your Character. Higher rarity Characters have higher level caps, bonus skills in their tree and an experience boost while playing.

Nomad generally takes the Sharpshooter role in combat, killing efficiently from a distance and calling in her signature laser airstrike from her hacked network of satellites. Nomad can occasionally seem distant to her teammates, but when bullets start flying they’re always glad to have her at their back. Like all Sharpshooters, Nomad can utilize Aim Bot during Overdrive to bring down superhumans with machine-like precision and speed.

Murmur fits in nicely as the Trickster within a group. She’s nimble, resourceful and superheroes never see her coming. As a master mechanic, Murmur has done some extreme tinkering with high tech industrial remnants to create holographic projections of herself using her After Image skill. As a Trickster, Murmur uses Fade Away to disappear in the middle of combat, enabling her to stay several steps ahead of any foe.

Murmur Prime and Nomad Prime will both be available in limited quantities during this sale. The sale will end abruptly based on purchases at any given tier, so make sure to grab yours early if you want to make sure to get the Character you want at the best price.

The sale will begin August 24th, 3pm PT. During this sale, both Murmur Prime and Nomad Prime will be available in Uncommon through Ancient rarity. The max supply available through the Gala Games Store will be the same for each.

  • Uncommon — 1000
  • Rare — 600
  • Epic — 400
  • Legendary — 60
  • Ancient — 20

The sale will proceed in progressive price tiers. After roughly 10% of the total NFTs available for that Character and rarity in the Gala Games Store have been purchased, the price will increase by 10% and the sale will continue. Each Character for sale will have a maximum of 10 tiers.

The pricing structure is the same for both Murmur Prime and Nomad Prime. Prices will increase 10% for each tier, beginning at the following:

  • Uncommon — $250
  • Rare — $700
  • Epic — $1700
  • Legendary — $6800
  • Ancient — $14,000

Purchases can be made in GALA, ETH or BAT.

But wait… there’s more! Drifter will be sitting down at 2pm PT on Wednesday as well to answer your questions and discuss Superior. The team has been hard at work on the game, and has tons to share since their last livestream.

Click here to submit your questions for Drifter!

Join the dev team on Gala Games YouTube channel to hear them discuss development, launch and the upcoming alpha playtest!

Check out the scheduled link for the livestream below!

As we head towards launch and the alpha playtest approaches, expect to see more information coming out about when you can begin your battle against the twisted superheroes!

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest information coming out right here or on Discord.

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