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Welcome to our servers, we hope you have fun.

Join the discord to participate in our monthly giveaways for Discord Nitro, Game Keys, and other cool prizes.

If you would like to apply for staff on our servers join our Discord and open an application.

Academy Gaming Rules:

If you are encountering RDM or other rule breaking and would like to report it, join our discord.

Our community also offers server hosting from our premium dedicated servers. If you are in need of a high quality server or have questions you can check out Academy Hosting.

Duel Servers

Literacy required to play on Amish/Academy Duels, Please read the rules. Failing to do so will result in punishment.

1 – You must flourish before a fight. This is a duel server, not an FFA server.

3 – No building unless you are given permission by an Admin or another staff member.
5 – No RDM! This will result in a Warning – Kick – Ban depending on how many offences there have been. Revenge RDM is still RDM.
7 – During an event/tournament, listen to the staff member(s) in charge of the event. We want people who are participating in said event to enjoy it without others ruining it for them.
9 – If you want to play King of the Hill on the Fountain, It is kick only! That means no use of weapons. Seeing someone use a weapon for king on the hill will be seen as RDM.
2 – There will be no use of ANY throwables, this includes Firebombs, Bows, Crossbows, Smokebombs, Javs, Throwing knives, Throwing axe, the only throwables allowed in the duel server will be Waxe, Club, Short stick, Maul, and the regular Axe. Also the use of Bear traps to hurt or kill another player will not be allowed.
4 – No being toxic. We understand some in-game shit talk is bound to happen, keep it moderate. Inciting suicide or the discussion of suicide methods, jokes about rape will also not be tolerated. Racism will also fall under this rule. Do not try to bring other down based on their beliefs, nationality, or sexuality. If you are seen doing any of these thing a week long ban will be issued.
6 – Do not disrespect the staff team. If you are told to stop doing something that is going on against the rules, please listen to them. If you feel you are being mistreated by a staff member please contact either Amishgod#3143 (Amishgod), Shooter10m#4208 (Medic) or AssaultLine#1337 on Discord.
8 – DO NOT HEAL MID FIGHT. The only healing allowed during a duel is base regeneration.
10 – If you are found to be smurfing, or ban evading by using an alt account, you WILL be BANNED. This is a noob friendly server.


1 – No Harassment: Any excessive hate, shit-talking, or bullying is a punishable offense.

3 – Votekick Abuse: Kicking people who are not breaking the rules will lead to punishment. (votekicks have been disabled on our horde servers for this reason)

2 – No Hateful Conduct: Racism/Bigotry is not tolerated at all. This includes racist cosplays like Hitler, KKK, etc.

4 – Exploiting: Exploiting the map to harass/troll other players or to get into a spot untouchable by the horde is not allowed. Players do not like sitting and watching you abuse a bugged spot of the map for 10 minutes while they wait to respawn.

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