Jedi vs Sith EU Rules

Game Rules

1a) There are three teams: Jedi, Sith and Mandalorians.
1b) Teams are determined by a weapon's blade color. Red is Sith, White is Mandalorian and any other color is Jedi. The energy bow is neutral.
1c) If you aren't using a weapon with a colored blade, consult the gear reference table.
1d) You may not switch teams mid-life.
1e) The new Mytho axe is a mandalorian weapon only.

2a) You can't pick up equipment which belongs to other teams unless you immediately throw it. You can't keep it in your inventory.
2b) Weapons with no blade color can be picked up/used by anyone.
Star Wars Gear Table
Mustafar: The conference room with the big table is a duel zone. Do not interrupt duels, kill spectators or RDM.
DoF: The palace area (the beige rooms) are duel zones. Do not RDM.
Geonosis: The small rooms off of the main arena are duel zones. Do not RDM.
Sarlacc: Everywhere outside of the main map area (the pit) is a duel zone. Shooting into the main area from outside is not allowed.
Kamino: The entire roof area of Kamino is a duel zone. Do not RDM on the roof or shoot off of the roof.
Jedi Temple: There is a duel room marked with signs at the entrance. Do not RDM.
5a) Active admins will be wearing black and yellow outfits and carrying the 1411 pistol.
5b) If you get shot with the 1411, check chat to see if you're being warned.
5c) Impersonating staff members is not allowed.

6a) Shooting from behind the gate on Geonosis.

Community Rules

1a) This includes but if not limited to racism, sexism and homophobia. You will be severely penalized for breaking this rule.
1b) Political and religious discussions from any viewpoint are not allowed.

2a) Arguing about the rules with staff or inciting other players to break the rules is not allowed. If you disagree with a rule, suggest a change in the #rule-discussions channel on our Discord server, or open a ticket in the #submit-ticket channel.

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