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Is Streaming a Viable Career in 2022?

Streamers need to handle all aspects of their channel and manage everything from content creation to marketing. Of course, you’ll be better at some aspects of it than others, but that’s the beauty of it. Each streamer has their personality and will go through their own unique journey. You can think of the journey as a video game that you constantly have to navigate and improve upon.

Is full-time streaming worth it in 2022? Yes, streaming can be an incredibly fulfilling career. You’ll not only get to learn tons of in-demand skills but can also improve your interpersonal skills and better communicate with others. As for monetary compensation, you’ll have plenty of options like ad revenue, subscriptions, donations, affiliate marking, sponsorships, and eventually selling your own merchandise.

Whatever you choose, we’d recommend first figuring out what you want to achieve from streaming (essentially, your ‘streaming goals’). That way, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what you want and can set a realistic goal according to your situation.

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