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How to Get Over Anxiety When Streaming?

Don’t Stress It (literally): Some streamers have anxiety about live streaming because they worry about what people think and what they’ll say. While it’s easier said than done, the sooner you realize that people’s opinions should not affect how you feel, the more liberated you’ll become. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what others think of you, and you should never try to please others by changing who you are. This is what gives each streamer their uniqueness and likeability. Just be you and enjoy the process.

Acknowledge Your Nervousness: If you’re feeling nervous about streaming, take a breather to acknowledge it. It is important to acknowledge your nervousness in order to be able to control it. By putting yourself in the right state of mind, you’re reaffirming and reminding yourself that the feeling will pass soon enough.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different and nobody has the same opinions. Take some time off, but don’t let your anxiety overcome you.

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