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How They Got Started: SypherPK

If you’re streaming games like Fortnite, chances are you’ve heard of the name SypherPK. Ali “SypherPK” Hassan is a Twitch streamer, content creator, and professional player for Luminosity Gaming. While he’s not active in the eSports scene, he is a well-known streamer on Twitch with over 5.8 million followers.

Like most other early streamers, Sypher got his start creating content on YouTube. This was back in 2011 when JustinTV had just rebranded its gaming sector into Twitch. He started off streaming RuneScape and a variety of newly released titles on Twitch, and the rest, as you can say it, is history. While his schedule was packed with him streaming at least 10 hours a day when he first got started, he experimented with what worked and stuck to a regular schedule. In 2020, he even signed an exclusive deal with Twitch, allowing him to manage his hours with better financial security better.

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