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Galaxian Highlights #8| Chain Alchemists

We’re back with another wizard of the Web3 world, diligently crafting and curating decentralized reality itself.

The world of tomorrow doesn’t build itself, but there are an elite few throughout the Web3 world cultivating the solutions of the future. These architects of innovation are constantly at work in the heart of Gala’s technology to invent new ways to connect with each other and empower the denizens of this new, decentralized frontier.

Today we’d like to feature one of these unsung heroes whose efforts create and solidify the foundation for the Web3 world we live in. She stands on the shoulders of no one, ever hatching new machinations and groundbreaking solutions as we explore the decentralized world coming into existence around us.

The future is here, and she is one of the engineers of unparalleled proficiency that makes it happen — Diana!

I am a Lead Engineer in the Crypto and Community Engagement Squad, also known as CaCE. I work on Web3 integrations and dApps!


One of the best things about working at Gala is getting to create innovative blockchain technology with some freakishly smart people!

Prior to joining Gala I dabbled in crypto and Web3 spaces specifically drawn to the decentralized aspect. When I interviewed for Gala I fell in love with their vision to empower gamers by giving back and allowing them the freedom to control their assets. By the last interview round I realized the people I would be working with were just as exceptional!

Making living your best life look easy!

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

PC everyday!

Crash Bandicoot, Red Dead Redemption, Elden Ring

Honestly anything with a good beat and/or smooth raspy vocals.

I love to garden. Currently, I’m growing veggies and fruits in raised beds. I also enjoy spending time drawing and painting.

I have way too many special interests to list them all here but recently I’ve been reading and watching way too many documentaries on sharks.

Al Pastor Tacos

Sky diving… followed by Spa day


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