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Galaxian Highlights #7 | Curators of the Sacred Tube

We’re back with another close up on a leading expert in the Web3 world who specializes in empowering people and cultivating community.

The World of Gala has grown so fast that it can sometimes be tough to keep us all together. Our team is often laser focused on crafting the experiences of tomorrow, but there are so many other members of our community on the crest of the wave, spreading the word about Gala in an ever expanding tidal force.

Today, we look into a Galaxian who serves as the connective tissue between these creators and the core of our community. He relays resources and tracks down answers, he forges partnerships and relationships, and he leverages his logistical and communication know-how to help empower creators who are fighting the good fight.

Community is all about relationships. We wouldn’t be where we are without our friends, peers and supporters. This week we feature the man who supports those pillars of Gala world– Rustin!

Bardificer — Head of Creator Relations

An Artificer creates powerful abilities with items around them. For me, I see this as supporting those that are educating and pioneering interest for the industry. Without them, many would have no idea the magnitude and importance of what we’re trying to accomplish at Gala, and the industry as a whole. While I don’t create the content, I can harness its potential and give others tools to be more impactful. I’m also pretty charismatic in my approach, so Bard felt appropriate. Dual class, it is!

Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. Suuuper boring sounding, I know, but hear me out. This book opened my eyes to practical applications of economics that I haven’t seen eloquently portrayed otherwise. Classes and models and graphs are great at demonstrating principle, but this book translates those models to IRL applications. Basic Economics is my most-recommended book for people trying to understand the “why” behind consumer and market behavior.

What kind of question is this? Easy. Content Creators. I spend the majority of my time and energy working with content creators. They’re expert communicators of vision, and there is simply no other place where you can find such diversity of interest and background.

Creating content is an extremely challenging endeavor and not for the faint of heart. The passion and conviction they exude is contagious, and we wouldn’t be the same without them.

Think twice about meeting your heroes… unless your hero is Rustin. He’s the best.

Internally, the games teams are awe-inspiring. The amount of talent and thought going into each title is intense, and I’ve learned so much about game development from conversations. In the end, people creating games just want to build awesome experiences for people.

It’s easy to look at a game as just another game. But for the people creating them, it’s a representation of years of their heart and soul poured into it. It’s always a humbling moment when you get to learn about the people behind the work of art.

Uhh Blastoise. Or my favorite translation is the French version “Tortank”. Does that answer the question?

Rustin at his induction as an honorary member of The Squirtle Squad

Ghost of Tsushima, No Man’s Sky, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Fallout: New Vegas, and Rocket League to name a few.

File footage from Rustin’s time fighting off Caesar’s Legion in the early 2280s

I mostly listen to EDM and Hip Hop these days with some metal thrown into the mix. A few artists on repeat are Slow Magic, Excision, Logic, and I See Stars.

Do crypto and video games count? Outside of that, I roast my own coffee and grow bonsai.

Some of Rustin’s bouncing baby bonsai from last year
And a coffee tree, because obviously everything is better with coffee

Way back in the day, some friends and I played an immense amount of CoD: Modern Warfare 3. There was a 2v2 and a 3v3 mode in which we became exceptionally skilled. We’d run matches and hit multiple MOABs (25 kills without dying) in a night. The maps and our playstyles meshed really well to the point that over a couple of weeks, we won 56 games in a row. We felt unstoppable until that one match which we don’t talk about anymore.

I was much younger back then, it was definitely the peak of my FPS days. Rocked a gold skinned LMG too. Good times. Not into FPS as much these days; My aim is trash now.

👀 I don’t know! Why don’t I know? I feel like I’m seriously missing out now.

Sushi, with Indian Cuisine a very, very close second.

Arbeiters. C’mon I’m a finance guy, I genuinely enjoy min-maxing economy in games.

From these options, spa day. But I’m once again breaking the question and would prefer snorkeling over skydiving. I’m not a fan of heights.

Express Depot driver. They’re underrated keeping everything running.

Human Exemplar: True Provider

I derive immense satisfaction from helping, teaching, and connecting people. There’s something special about having a honed skill set to contribute to the community and help others. A lot of joy in my life has come from the moments I can make someone else’s life a little easier. That moment you discover something you’re really good at, is beneficial to others, and brings you joy. Or being able to provide guidance with tough decisions based on prior experiences.

True Providers are experts in their craft and support the civilization’s infrastructure. They toil and cultivate to provide resources to those who need them. I don’t know, it just embodies the type of person I want to be.

Our sincerest thanks to Rustin for coming along on this continuing journey to show all of you out there in our wonderful community some of the great people that make Gala happen — day in and day out. We do have fun sharing these with you, and we certainly hope to share a lot more for you to enjoy.

There are plenty of people still out there that work hard every single day to make our community what it is, and you know we’ll be back to showcase an entirely different expert that you didn’t know is working tirelessly to make Web3 dreams a reality. Look for us next month– same Gala place. Same Gala time.

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