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Gala Games Teams up with Alienware

Alienware is distributing Alpha Keys now for the upcoming Superior playtest starting on September 26th

We’ll cut right to the chase, so you can get out there and hunt down those evil superheroes before they destroy the world… again.

Gala Games has teamed up with Alienware to provide a limited quantity of Superior Alpha Keys for the Alpha playtest on the Epic Games store. Get your Alpha Key now through THIS LINK, or follow the steps below.

We know how members of our community like things like early access, free in-game items, and exclusive club membership. With the next Superior Alpha Playtest just around the corner on September 26th, we saw a perfect opportunity to share more exclusive perks with our community.

DISCLAIMER: Gala is not a party to any user agreement or terms and conditions between User and Alienware, including, without limitation, any privacy policy or terms of use. Alienware is solely responsible for all matters regarding its application, including, without limitation, application functionality, terms of service, privacy policies, and any claims related to the operation or use of the application.

1. Create an account at Alienware Arena and log in, or login with your existing Alienware Arena account.

2. Choose the GET KEY button below the awesome new official Superior trailer.

Don’t forget that Alpha Keys are limited in supply!
Be sure to copy your Alpha Key when you see it!

3. Download or load the Epic Launcher.

4. Login to your Epic account.

5. Click on your profile image in the top right.

6. Select Redeem Code and enter your code.

7. Hunt some superheroes.

At 3pm PT on Monday, September 26th, the Alpha Playtest doors will open. Those who have claimed Alpha Keys will then have eight days to take on Superior.

You’ll find tons of fellow superhero hunters in the Gala Games Discord community, where you can compare strategies, exchange war stories, or even play together in a Discord voice chat. Join us in Discord!

Alpha Keys distributed through this promotion are limited in supply, and they will expire when the Alpha Playtest ends at 3pm PT on October 4th.

This is your chance to get in there and seriously kill some bad guys. Are you feeling Superior?

Watch this trailer and get psyched for Superior.

If you haven’t played Drifter’s Superior yet, don’t miss this opportunity. Alpha Keys are going fast, so login with your Alienware Arena account and claim yours before it’s too late.

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