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Minecraft Rules

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  • Game Server Rules:

    1) Be respectful and kind towards your fellow players!
    No harassment, discrimination, hate speech, or controversial discussions in chat.

    2) No Hacking/Cheating!
    We follow a zero-tolerance policy for players trying to use X-Ray, Hacked Clients, Botting, or Cheating of any kind.

    3) Don’t Grief!
    Don’t take advantage of the claim system to grief other players and ruin their fun. This includes lava-casting outside of claims or generally being disruptive towards another player’s builds. Play nice!

    4) Obey Staff!
    The Staff team are there to help you when needed, but they will mute you from speaking on account of unwarranted behavior if needed.

    5) Do not build Huge Redstone contraptions.
    Anything that causes massive lag can be nuked. It is encouraged to spread your redstone/farms instead of having everything in a single chunk.

    6) Do not scam other players, or try to.
    Scamming is taking money, items, work, or anything else of value from another player dishonestly. This includes teleporting people into PvP areas without their consent.

    7) Glitch Exploitation is bannable.
    Anything that is not intended game mechanics should be reported to the admins.

    8) Don’t ask for stuffs from the staff.
    Staffs are not responsible for lost items. Claim your land properly and make sure to only give /trust or /containertrust to people whom you trust. The only case we refund items is if it happened due to a server glitch.

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