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Fenritti Wins DBFZ World Tour Final and Budokai Tenkaichi 4 Announced

This weekend saw the DBFZ World Tour Final take place, the culmination of a year of competitive action for the fighter. The entire top 8 was some of the most high-level FighterZ we’ve ever seen, but only one fighter actually managed to walk home the champion. Alongside seeing how the competitive finale played out, we got our first glimpse at the next Dragon ball fighting game which is returning to a fan-favourite series that could end up being one of the best fighters. This is how it all went down at the Finals.

DBFZ World Tour Final

Source: Twitter, @BNEesports

The DBFZ World Tour Final took place over two days this weekend, starting with the top 20 players who won their slots across the 2022-23 events. Each player attending has a right to call themselves one of the best FighterZ players, it was once we got down to the top 8 that things got tenser though.

Fenritti got off to a strong start fresh from the Group Stage, where he won his group without losing a game. Shanks had a similar start here though with the same feat, setting the two apart as we started the final bracket. The two top players faced each other in the first round of the semi-finals, where Fenritti came out ahead in a close 2-1 win. This put him up against French player Wade in the winners’ final. This was a smoother rise for Fenritti, where he took the win with a clean 3-0 win.

Upon dropping down to the loser’s bracket, Shanks’ run then ended up against Kayne. Making room for Wade to recover and once again reach the main DBFZ World Tour Final.

This set the stage for the Grand Final, with Wade going up against Fenritti once again. The rematch went pretty different this time though. Wade dominated in the early stage, forcing a full reset. In the second chance, Fenritti came from behind to clinch the series. He was going in with Android 21, Gogeta Blue, and Vegito Blue. These are some of the top players on the Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier list, with Android 21, in particular, seeing a lot of play across the top end of the DBFZ World Tour Final bracket.

New Dragon Ball Fighter Announced

Alongside the big climax of the World Tour, there was one particularly fan-pleasing announcement at the tournament. A new Dragon Ball game got announced. On the surface that isn’t huge, Bandai has maintained a regular release schedule although with titles like Breakers, there hasn’t been too much cause for excitement. The newest title released revisits one of the most popular series for the franchise though. A nostalgia-filled trailer showed off the next title, a new sequel to Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi.


Budokai Tenkaichi is one of the most popular anime fighting games. We’re getting a fourth instalment after a 16-year break. The trailer showed off graphics that looked pretty close to the anime. That’s alongside sporting some of the new power-ups from more modern Dragon Ball. As a 3D fighter, this isn’t going to be the huge esports game that FighterZ is. It’s a nice inclusion at the end of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour though and gives fans a lot to look forward to.

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