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Esports Film Starring Loisa Andalio and Coleen Garcia Announced

A new esports-centric film project looks set to finally give the sport its own epic underdog story. The new project will star Loisa Andalio and Coleen Garcia.

Friendly Fire will be directed by Mikhail Red with a plotline that puts the focus on the ever-expanding world of competitive gaming. The plot revolves around a “visionary CEO” putting together a new esports team in the Philippines. The CEO character will be played by Garcia, as they attempt to find the top gamers in the Philippines. Andalio on the other hand will be a player who is recruited to the team after a chance encounter at an internet café.

Image from Variety

New Esports Film Friendly Fire Detailed

The world depicted in the film so far seems to fit the model for competitive gaming in that region. Internet cafes are still a significant part of the esports world there. This new film is definitely doing its research here. Placing the character in that context will help to sell that we’re following the rise of underdogs as they triumph from relatively understated beginnings. The film likely won’t follow any specific game or  Philippines centric esports like Wild Rift. However, some care is being paid to depicting things accurately.

The director of the film, Mikhail Red, is one of the best-known Filipino directors right now. He’s helmed a number of thrillers including the first Netflix original film from the Philippines.

The director, talking to Variety about Friendly Fire, drew specific attention to the different set-up for esports in the Philippines. The director said “esports is becoming quite big, especially in the Philippines, and there’s this stigma and the lack of support. It’s very new and it’s something that a lot of people still don’t understand. It’s just interesting to follow the lives of these esports athletes who are handicapped in terms of resources, support, and even internet speed”.

The director went on to draw a comparison between Friendly Fire and “classic boxing stories”. It conjures up the image of an esports underdog story similar to films like Rocky. Most sports have gotten movies of this ilk in the past. This latest addition will finally bring a similar story to the screen for competitive gaming.

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