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Best supports to pair with Caitlyn in LoL

If you don’t know which supports you should be playing with Caitlyn, here is a list of the best champions to pair up with her in season 13.

Image Credits | Riot Games

5 Best supports to play with Caitlyn in LoL

Ever since she made it to League, Caitlyn has been one of the most popular marksmen in the game. Whenever she was a strong champion, you would see both professional and casual players play her. There were occasions when she became so oppressive that Riot had to nerf her into oblivion.

After the recent buffs last season, she’s now a stable presence across all levels of play once again. Given the importance of having strong early-game bot lanes to create pressure on the map, it looks like she won’t be leaving the meta any time soon. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best 5 supports to play Caitlyn, explaining their core strengths (and weaknesses).

Morgana – the no. 1 support for Caitlyn

Morgana is the best support for Caitlyn, period. This is because two can create great combos thanks to Morgana’s Dark Binding (Q) and Caitlyn’s traps. On top of that, Morgana is one of the few supports that can peel and protect her ADC with her Dark Shield (E).

The two champions form an oppressive poke lane that one-shots enemies if they get hit by any of the aforementioned crowd controls. At level six, the bot lane duo gets even stronger since Morgana gets access to her own ultimate, Soul Shacklers (R). With the added slow and root, Caitlyn has enough time to do what she wants, and even if the enemy gets away, the ADC can snipe him with her own ultimate.

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Lux – the strongest one-shot bot lane duo

Lux is very similar to Morgana in terms of how the bot lane duo works. The main difference, though, lies in Lux’s burst damage. The Demacian mage has a lot more damage and more range compared to Morgana, making this bot lane the most aggressive one in the entire game.

lux best supports caitlyn

Image Credits | Riot Games

Treat this duo as a double glass cannon: they can destroy anything in their sight with one rotation of spells. As long as Lux hits her Light Binding (Q), the opponents will be looking at the grey screen.

The trade-off for playing this duo, though, is the loss of peeling ability. Caitlyn and Lux are much more vulnerable to enemy ganks or engages due to the lack of mobility, and while Lux does have a shield on her W, it’s not enough to protect her and the ADC.

Ashe – the double ranged support bot lane

Even though Ashe and ranged supports have been nerfed in the latest patches, she remains a top-tier pick to play with Caitlyn. Having double marksmen in the bottom lane guarantees great 2v2 trades, and the possibility to decide how to play with the minion waves. Not to mention that Ashe and Caitlyn have a good poke, making it hard for the enemies to contest the push.

While she does lose a bit of value later on, Ashe still has the powerful Crystal Arrow (R) to punish people across the map. She can use it to initiate engages or pick people off guard. Paired with Caitlyn’s ultimate, they can snipe enemies left and right. That said, they suffer the same problem as the Caitlyn-Lux duo, so make sure to have good vision control and not overextend.

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Karma – one of the best supports with Caitlyn for lane priority

You probably have understood the trend here at this point: Caitlyn works best with ranged supports. Karma is yet another champion that offers good poke. What differentiates her from other champions in the list, though, is her ability to peel her ally.

She is probably the best champion when it comes to protecting: she has shields that can also give a good boost of movement speed to quickly draw distance from enemies.

karma best supports caitlyn

Image Credits | Riot Games

Aside from that, Karma offers a good mid-range poke with her Qs and the ability to constantly pressure during the laning phase with her wave-clearing ability. While it’s not as easy to get kills with this bot lane duo, make sure to siege and get turret plates to farm the gold.

Annie – great combo with Caitlyn’s traps

Annie is one of the new support picks that have seen good success with Caitlyn. Similar to Lux and Morgana, Annie offers a stun that can be connected with Caitlyn’s traps. Between the three, Annie actually gives the most reliable combos since her stun can be point-and-click with her Q. Her all-in ability is also good and is better than Morgana’s.

Now that her shield got buffed, Annie also has good protective capabilities. If you’re looking for new supports to play with Caitlyn, she is definitely worth picking up.

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